My Story

My Story

Just imagine for a moment that the last few years you have been living your life on purpose, utterly content with who you had become as a person, living in the moment, in love with your life and those around you. Being able to choose how to spend your time and with whom, travelling to some far-a-way land because you could, and being the healthiest you have been

This is living a High Performance Lifestyle!

I’m Judi Resor and my passion is helping people to see that they are capable of creating a High Performance Lifestyle now, not putting it off because they are – too busy, not in the right job, overweight, or not in the right relationship.

My journey has continued to evolve throughout adulthood. I was gifted a life with lots of responsibilities at a young age from growing up the eldest of four children on a farm where I was working along side my father driving tractors and operating machinery. My entrepreneurial journey started in my twenties when I started a fashion design business. I have had many career paths, and I have successfully operated a number of businesses from restaurants to real estate.

I am able to draw upon my experiences which span across a broad spectrum of skill sets from providing outstanding customer service, building and nurturing teams, establishing professional networks and implementing best practice and systems.

All the while I was busy working, my life was passing by and I didn’t make time to stop and smell the roses!

I had reached the point where I was sick and tired of being ruled by my work and I decided to invest in myself and turn outward for help. Working with a coach was the best decision I could have made. Sometimes we need to have a mentor or coach that can lead us in the direction that we know we must take, but not be alone on the journey.

I changed my lifestyle in a holistic way, took better care of my body through proper nutrition and training, I gained confidence, vision, purpose and I increased my productivity levels and income!

Let me ask you –

  • Are you amazed at the great things happening in your life?
  • Are you excited about your future?
  • Do you wake up with energy every morning looking forward to your day?
  • Are you living a life with passion, fun, fulfilment and success?
  • Are you healthy, fit and have a strong immune system?
  • Are you experiencing great relationships, because you have so much to give and are in a great position to give it?
  • Are you happy?

The great news is that you can create exactly what you want – you can have a High Performance Lifestyle. It’s a whole lot easier than you think…and I want to show you how.

I love this quote by William Barclay –

“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discovery why.”

I realised how important this was for me and the impact it had on my life and I want that for you also. I finally found my direction and purpose in life!

My ‘why’ is to empower others to step into the best versions of themselves.

I am here to support and guide people to make positive change in their lives.

I am a coach and mentor, and I will be your best advocate, guiding you to make choices to live a life of passion, purpose and freedom. Welcome to the High Performance Lifestyle!

I am blessed to work with amazing people and help them on their transformational journey. Through our coaching together, you too can create an amazing life, however it won’t be easy, I will be there to challenge and guide you as we establish your five foundational pillars and set achievable outcomes for long term change.

Join me, won’t you

Judi xx

Tips for living a high performance lifestyle

Tips for living a high performance lifestyle

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