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1.Pick a healthy plan:

Pick a meal and fitness pan you’ll be able to stick with long term. A permanent lifestyle change rather than a short-term weight loss solution will be more successful.


2.Set realistic goals:

Specify what you want to achieve and align your goals with your expectations. Set goals that are achievable and measurable, such as certain amount of gym time or one or two kilos of weight loss a fortnight.


3. Recognise your support system:

Surround yourself with people who have like-minded goals and avoid bad influences. If eating healthy is where you struggle, stop having lunch with friends who eat fast food. Surround yourself with friends who motivate and inspire you.


4. Get to know your foods:

Learn about your food. Is it balanced with a healthy ratio of fats, carbohydrates, protein and fibre? Does it tout a low glycemic index?


5. Prepare Prepare Prepare:

Create a list of your favorite healthy snacks. Then, pick one day each week to chop fruits and veggies and portion out and prepare your healthy snacks so you have them at a moments notice. Include variety and change frequently.


6. Learn how to eat on the go:

Fresh and healthy home cooked meals are ideal, but your schedule can get hectic. Have your healthy snacks handy. If you must stop at a fast food chain, spend some time figuring out the best food choice.


7. A realistic fitness routine:

Keep your workouts interesting – don’t get in a mundane routine of the same workout every day. Try to incorporate fitness into all aspects of your day. This can be as simple as parking further from the door at work.


8. Schedule your workouts:

Life gets busy and it can be a challenge to make time for exercise, but remember that it’s a part of healthy living. Whether it’s early in the morning, at lunchtime or after work, if you make an appointment you’ll be more likely to stick with it.


9. Arm yourself with a nutritional arsenal:

Be sure to give your body the nutrition it needs. Learn the benefits of different vitamins such as B vitamins, vitamin D or fish oil. And don’t forget fibre – it keeps you fuller longer and helps maintain digestive health.


10. Go easy on yourself:

Achieving goals takes time and most people falter a little with their goals. The most important thing is consistency and the realization you’re human. If you give into a craving, just make your next choice a healthy one.


I have found that by being mindful of these 10 secrets, I am able to tackle my week with ease and direction. Hope they help you too..


Tips for living a high performance lifestyle

Tips for living a high performance lifestyle

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